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If an island were a Gemini with dual personalities, that island would be Barbados. Two islands for the price of one! The Caribbean side has the calm, serene water with powdery white and pink sand beaches, while the Atlantic side has a rugged coast with dramatic cliffs, lovely beaches and waves fit for surfing. The Bajan culture is a vibrant mix of West African and English influence where music, nightlife, and culinary delights are around every corner of the island. Another interesting point about Barbados is that it rarely sees a hurricane due to its unique position just outside of the hurricane alley which makes the off season a great time to try your luck.



When To Go

Anytime is a great time to go to Barbados. If there is rain, it is usually short and is followed by sunny skies. 

December - April is the peak season and the coldest average is a pleasant 79°f / 26°c.

February - The driest and coolest month on average.


June - October is the hurricane season in the Caribbean though Barbados has not seen a hurricane since the 1950's. Tropical storms are a possibility.

August is typically the hottest month with a huge increase of 2° over the coldest average.


September | October | November - These months see more rain on average, though we went in October and there was no rain at all. November is usually the wettest month.

May sounds like an excellent month to go! Fewer crowds and usually has perfect weather.

Average climate in


Source: NOAA

Temperature - high/low

Precipitation - inches/days


84° 73°



84° 73°

84° 73°


85° 74°



87° 77°

87° 77°


87° 76°




88° 76°

88° 76°

88° 76°



86° 75°

85° 74°

2.2" 10

1.6" 09

1.4" 07

2.1" 07

2.5" 08

3.7" 11

5.4" 16

5.4" 14

6.0" 15

6.6" 15

6.2" 14

3.6" 12


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