Should You Travel To Angola?

Angola is a country that is very slowly opening up to tourism and we say that cautiously as there are areas throughout the country where you could be putting your personal safety at risk. Traveling to Cabinda, Lunda Norte, and Lunda Sul is not currently safe and these areas should be avoided.  While the are persisting political issues still keeping this country off almost all traveler's lists of places to go, there is interest from the Angolan government to take a more serious look at the possibilities that more tourism can bring. 

The now over oil boom put Angola as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The reality of that being mostly over hasn't changed the inflated prices and this makes it an unappealing destination to your traditional backpackers and casual vacationers.

On the forefront of change, there are some reputable companies bringing travelers into areas where tourism is reasonably safe. Still, it is likely that only the truly intrepid will adventure here if they have cash to burn as Angola is considered quite expensive relative to elsewhere in Africa and they have a way to go in their human rights record. 


For those few fearless adventurers who'll throw caution to the wind and that love to forge new trails, Angola has so much potential. Angola has been blessed with sweeping beaches, an astounding array of natural environments, burgeoning national parks, all of which are ripe for exploration, making this a wonderful destination for nature enthusiasts.

For travelers interested in culture and history, there are more than 100 diverse ethnic groups with distinct cultures to learn about. The influence from the Portoguese colonial past is also evident from in the modern culture, the cuisine and the architecture. 

Still, this is a developing nation with limited to reasonably good infrastructure, depending where you are. Travelers to Angola should also be aware that Angola is still considered one of the most corrupt nations in the world and the disparity between the ruling elite to the average citizen is marked.

Travel Highlights In Angola

Sadly, most of the big game in Angola were killed during their civil war which ended in 2002. The good news is that since the war ended in 2002, there are now programs to bring back the animal populations, such as in Quiçama National Park, or Kissama, which is just south of Luanda. This is the best place to view wildlife in Angola.  

About 20 years ago, animals were relocated from elsewhere in Africa and the number of elephants, elands, wildebeests, zebras, and giraffes have been increasing every year. However, elephants especially are always under threat from the incessant poaching that continues to this day in Angola and other parts of Africa. 

For travelers who are concerned with responsible travels, we think Angola presents a wonderful opportunity to support not only local communities, but also the wildlife. Visiting the national parks gives reason to keep them protected and this is an excellent reason to go to Angola.

While there are not as many animals as found at Kissama, the Iona National Park is a most fascinating place in the south of Angola and a visit here could thrill even the most well-traveled adventurer. 

For an awesome adventure in Angola, head to the south coast.  The vast Namib Desert, which runs from the middle of Angola all the way down the coast to South Africa is a stunning landscape and a great place to roam. Here is where you can find the infamous ghost town on Baia dos Tigres, a former peninsula that the ocean reclaimed and turned into an island that is now completely abandoned. Getting there is quite the adventure and makes for great travel stories! 

From Luanda, have an incredible adventure, albeit an expensive one, with a three-day 4x4 excursion to the very beautiful Malanje Province.  Traveling inland, at times on dirt roads, you'll drive through incredible scenery making stops at the N'dalatando Botanical Gardens and at Piedras Negras. These are very unusual rock formations said to be shaped like the animals of the savannas. Continuing on, not far from here are the spectacular Kalandula Falls. By volume, this is one of Africa's largest waterfalls rivaling Victoria Falls, and they are quite the stunner. This trip also includes a visit to Cangandala Park which is the smallest national park in the country. Cangandala and the Luando Strict Nature Reserve are special because there are efforts underway to save the nearly extinct giant sable antelope which is Angola's national animal that was thought to be extinct after the civil war.


If you are looking for cheap thrills in Angola and a hold on to your lunch adventure, about 25 miles from Lubango is the Serra da Leba Pass in Huíla. An engineering marvel, this is one of the world's most famous roads for its hairpin turns and jaw-dropping views. The road is no joke though—there is no protection in the way of guard rails and in high winds and bad weather, it should be avoided for obvious safety reasons.

If you make it all the way down south or are in the north of Namibia there are two incredible waterfalls to along the Cunene River. Epupa Falls are spread out over 1.5 km and this is one of Angola's prettiest landscapes as well as. Getting to the falls are part of the adventure and the only road there leads from Iona National Park if you enter from within Angola. The only places to stay are on the Namibia side.

South the Epupa Falls are the incredible Ruacana Falls which are some of the biggest in Africa and are situated right on the border. Fed by the

Adventures Await In Angola

Best Times To Visit Angola

There are primarily two seasons in Angola, wet and dry. The cool and dry season is the best time to go and that runs from June through September. Depending on where you are going in the country, south, central or north could also factor in when to go as the climate varies considerably.

As far as the political climate, progress is being slowly made. Despite some gains, in 2018, there was a forced eviction of around 400,000 people, mostly Congolese, as reported by Human Rights Watch. As with anywhere, you should always research where you go. We do this for our clients who are considering places that have notable concerns. At this time (03/07/2020), the current situation is a Level 1 from the US State Department which is the lowest, however, there are areas as previously mentioned which are to be avoided.

Average Climate 

Source: NOAA

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