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As the largest country on the African continent, Algeria has a wealth of reasons to want to go, though addressing the considerations is important.  Getting to Algeria is easy, but with limited options. Many of the borders with adjoining countries are currently closed and going anywhere near them is not safe. The exception to this is the border with Tunisia. For female travelers, “cat-calling” might seem like a favorite pastime here because it is. We do not recommend traveling solo for women and advise women to take a man or two with you. Heed these pieces of advice and you will probably not have any issues at all. Be aware, regardless of gender, there are some destinations within the country that are easily traveled with no chaperone; while there are other locales you where you might be required to have a guide. We should also note that the government of Algeria might refuse entry visas to anyone who has any evidence of having been to Israel. FYI, Israel does not stamp your passport, so this should be easy to get around, but what a ridiculous policy! As travelers, we know the people make a country, not its government, so we will cut them some slack until proven otherwise. Regarding getting in the country, there are just a few countries where foreign passport holders can arrive without a visa. If you need to get a visa, planning in months in advance is essential as getting a one can take some time here. 

While these challenges of traveling to Algeria may detour some travelers, it is still worth considering after you’ve done some homework and recent travelers have reported great experiences.


Algeria promises to be a photographer’s playground and an adventurer’s paradise. Ancient and modern architecture, and an intriguing history combined with diverse and dramatic landscapes, make Algeria an interesting and exciting country to explore.  Most people who adventure here come to see ancient Roman ruins, the stunning Sahara Desert and the beautiful Mediterranean coast. Most likely you'll begin in the capital city, Algiers. This is a vibrant and modern city along the coast with plenty of interesting sites and activities to keep you busy. While most people just visit here as a jumping off point, it is worth sticking around for two or three days of exploring and immersing in the local culture. If you are venturing deeper into Algeria, things really slow down and here is where you’ll find the heart and soul of the country.


Timgad - A UNESCO World Heritage site that is famous for its ancient Roman walled city.

Mediterranean beaches - There is much potential for the coast of Algeria, but at this this time there are security issues along much of the coast.

Grab an experienced guide and see the wonders of the Sahara. Breathtaking scenery, this is a photographer's dream come true.


Constantine - "The City of Bridges" is a beautiful place and runs along the Rhumel River. Situated high on a plateau with deep gorges, there is evidence of prehistoric settlements in the local caves. This intriguing city has a mixture of Arab, Phoenician, Roman, and Ottoman architecture.

Oran - This beautiful port city along the Mediterranean is the birthplace of rai folk music and makes for an interesting stop. There are many sites within close proximity to Oran, including an Ottoman citadel sitting on top of Mount Modjadji. Going to the top of the mountain gives excellent views. Also near to Oran are the extremely picturesque towns of La Blanca and Kasr El Bey.


Algeria has much to offer the intrepid traveler as well as those vacationers on cruise ships. If treading inland, Tassili n'Ajjer, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a national park in the Saharan southeast and is a must see. The absolutely stunning landscapes of sweeping dunes and spectacular rock formations make it seem as if you are another planet. Here you will also find some of the most historically important prehistoric cave art in the world.


You aren’t going all the way to Algeria to NOT rock the Casbah are you? This is yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its historic Maghreb urban planning.Officially called the Kasbah of Algiers, a visit here is a great way to immerse in the culture, witness daily-life, and learn about the historical importance of this city within a city.

When To Go

Spring and Fall are the best times to visit Algeria. Depending on what you want to see and do. Ideal times are March, April, October and November.

Summer is simply not a good time to visit the Saharan Desert unless you have a thing for scorching hot weather with a relentless beating from the blazing sun. Few tour companies, if any, will accompany you and just isn't smart to go without one. If you must go in the summer, the beaches will be packed in with other tourists and locals and you will be hard-pressed to secure space.​

With respect to safety, when to go is after you have done your homework. This is also part of our services. No stone unturned when advising clients, we provide everything you need to know as part of our service and advise to always check government advisories before traveling.

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