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Whenever and wherever, we do our best to provide our clients with as much information as possible about the destinations they will visit. We provide current research and also provide information for any unique opportunities for engaged travels. We truly believe that travel is a force for good and it our lives as well as those who we encounter when traveling.


Our ethos is simple.


Travel often, do the right thing and respect the world and all her creatures, furry & otherwise.




pure heart + green earth = responsible travels

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- Conservation



We use the white heart and green circle throughout our

website to bring your attention toward places where your travels can truly make a difference and have a positive impact.

Learn more about some of our travel partners and what efforts they are making toward a sustainable future in tourism.

50° North - 50° North has a well-established ethos of responsible and sustainable tourism. They spread the wealth by promoting less touristy destinations, promoting off-season travel, supporting local businesses and forging partnerships with businesses that share their guiding principles, such as with Hurtigruten. Learn more about what they are doing and also their wildlife initiatives at their website.

AMResorts - Since their launch in 2001, AMResorts has had sustainability as a guiding principle. Across all of their resorts, there are initiatives in place that leave a positive mark with the destination they are located. Wildlife conservation and programs to benefit local communities are among the initiatives. Most of the resorts are Rainforest Alliance Certified.™  Many of their resorts are also a part of Amigos de Sian Ka’an which is an organization that is dedicated to conservation and sustainability in the communities local to the Sian Ka’an biosphere in Quintana Roo, Mexico. In 2018, all of the AMResorts® eliminated the use of straws. Sustainability is a priority with AMResorts and without compromise to their guests.

Carnival - Reducing plastic is a high priority for Carnival. Things like individual servings of foil-wrapped butter packs, condiments, salad dressings, cereal boxes, and sugar, (excluding artificial sweeteners) have all been eliminated. They are also eliminating decorative items which are part of food & beverage service; things like toothpicks, steak temperature markers, sticks for stirring, olive picks and umbrellas. With respect to plastic straws, they have eliminated distribution of straws with the exception of their frozen drinks, which will come with an edible straw. Stainless stirrers will replace wooden ones because they can be sanitized and reused. ​Shampoos and body wash in reusable containers will be in all of the guest rooms and spa facilities. These are just a few of the measures Carnival™ is taking. Learn more about the cultural and environmental initiatives they are taking by following the link.

Celebrity Cruises - Celebrity eliminated the use of plastic straws and offers paper straws instead. They are also undertaking environmental initiatives like redesigning propulsion systems and hulls and replacing their lighting systems with more efficient methods. Strategic partnerships with different groups like the World Wildlife Fund® are also underway. With the WWF, the focus is on the conservation of coastal wildlife living in the areas and waters in which Celebrity Cruises sails.

G Adventures- Founded in 1990 by Bruce Poon Tip whom also founded the Planeterra Foundation® in 2003.  From Day 1, this travel company already had a vision for sustainable tourism. Carefully planned tours that focus on keeping the wealth in the communities they visit and engaging in activities that respect inhabitants are a part of every trip. The protection of animals, children and the environment are all are huge concerns and all G Adventures are designed with this in mind. Without doubt, G Adventures™ is one of the originals when it comes to responsible travel.

Oceania Cruise® - Since 2003 when Oceania Cruises® began sailing the world's oceans and seas, they have been as committed to sustainability as they are to providing a world-class experience to their guests. Frank J. Del Rio, the President and CEO of Oceania's parent company, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd states that "Our mission is to continually improve our sustainability culture through fresh innovation, progressive education and open collaboration." Oceania Cruises®, has a commitment to biodiversity and water conservation & management. Visit the link to learn about their many programs toward sustainability which include reducing their carbon footprint, and protecting whales and manatees.

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