For many people, once you've ventured far and away, you're hooked.  


You begin to dream of new adventures in places you've never been to.  You recall the feelings and sense of wonder that traveling inspires.  So you research, you plan, and you surf the internet for your travel fix.  


Depending on how bad that wanderlust bug has bitten you, you just might be obsessing over going back to places where you just didn't have enough time. It gets really serious when work begins to get in the way of seeing the world for yourself. There is never enough vacation time! Sometimes, you may even wish that you could just drop out of the rat race. Yet, there are bills to pay and we supposed to be living in the 'real' world, right? So, you keep plugging away. Sound familiar?


We know. Us too.

We know that having the ability to travel is a blessing. 


Travel also transforms. It heals. It inspires. It rejuvenates. It opens doors.

At Soul Free Travels we are a team of kindred spirits who decided the world really was our oyster. Our passion for seeing for ourselves is what brought us together. We've got skills. We love helping others. Our diverse professional backgrounds schooled us in the art of planning, creative thinking, execution, and excellence in customer service. We work hard and we consider ourselves to be perfectionists.


The question begged to be asked. "What if work actually was what we love?" 

Talk is cheap. So here we are.

We bring our many gifts of travel & vast expertise to you.


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Harrison Funk
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Virtuoso® is an exclusive, by-invitation-only global network of luxury travel agencies and preferred travel partners. This is important to our clients because we have private access to amazing properties, VIP upgrades and other unique resources and perks around the world.

Whatever you are looking for out of your next trip away from home, we are passionate about your travel and what you want from it. No stone unturned, we love creating extraordinary experiences in amazing places. We are all about you & your travel.

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