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About Cosmos®

Cosmos® is part of the Globus® Family of Brands and has been delivering travelers to some of the most captivating places in the world for more than 50 years. With this longevity, their strong relationships throughout the world — combined with their their expertise in all things travel, you can be assured that you are in very capable hands when traveling with Cosmos®. Whether you are a seasoned traveler checking another destination off your bucket list or finally taking that vacation you so well deserve, Cosmos® can not only help you get there, they will also provide for those experiences that result in memories that will last a lifetime.


Something For Everyone

Perfect for solo travelers, couples and groups.


- Faith Based Tours                      - Week or Less Tours

- Holiday Season Tours                - Multi-Country Tours

Travel The World Over

Cosmos® travels all over the world. If you are looking for the undiscovered or the iconic, there are itineraries that will allow you to see those hidden gems as well as the most popular hot spots. 

- Europe                                               

- North America

- South America

- Asia

- Africa

- Australia & New Zealand

Inclusive and Affordable

Seeing the world for yourself is not only exciting, it's rewarding. When you travel with Cosmos®, every detail has already been worked out, leaving you free to focus on the real reasons you love to travel. 

  • Essential transportation - trains, ferries, overnight cruises, and private first-class coaches — all included.

  • Sightseeing - Guided tours to must-see sites are included and you'll have time to venture out on your own too!

  • Accommodations - Staying in attractive, perfectly located hotels with the best levels of service and amenities for the money.

  • Meals - While many meals are included, you'll also have the ability to explore those culinary delights that suit your palate.

  • Expert Tour Directors and local guides - Informative, personable and there to help you maximize your free time, they can be considered among the highlights of your travels!

  • Personalization - Free time is built into every itinerary and there are optional excursions so that you can explore your own way. 

The best part, Cosmos® vacations are affordable. They use their global leverage to bring you excellent value while not compromising quality.

What's Happening

Cosmos® is dedicated to responsible travels. Group tours are the original ride share and when you travel with Cosmos® you are traveling responsibly. Learn more about all of the great ways Cosmos® is contributing to a better world and see how your travels make a difference at Cosmos Cares.

Cosmos® now has Cosmos® Lite. This is the best of both worlds in vacation packages. Reap the benefits of expert vacation planning and without the scheduled itinerary. Your days are all up to you, a blank canvas, offering the choice of a variety of excursions, activities, and locales that float your boat.


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