Travel Like You Mean It
with heart & soul every step of the way

We know about wanderlust. We've got it too.

So much so, we are proud and unapologetic enablers. We support

wanderlusters from all walks of life— and we do our very best to not only maximize

your time out there in the world, we will turn every stone to facilitate those

special travel memories you'll want to remember forever.

Whether you seek a luxury travel experience, a backpacking

adventure or something in between, we've got you covered. 

Find out how Soul Free Travels can make a difference in your travels.

Amazing Travel Destinations

Amazing Destinations All Over The World

Wherever in the world you would like to travel, and however you like to roll,

Soul Free Travels works with you to create your travel masterpiece.

 Vacations, safaris & cruises — just the way you envisioned

​Soul Free Travels is a full-service, boutique travel agency

based in the great city of Austin, Texas. 

(You Can Be Just About Anywhere)

The Cure For Wanderlust

Okay, we can't lie, there is no cure — you're in luck though, we are travel specialists & far flung is a specialty of ours.

What We Do For You

Every client is different and so are the needs. In a nutshell, if it has to do with traveling, we make your life easier by taking care  of everything you need and then some—and, as  protectors of your travel investment, we have your back from hello. 

Packages & Cruises

Sometimes, a very clever travel partner has already thought of everything and what they offer is already a perfect fit for you. We help you cut through the clutter, find that amazing safari, expedition or itinerary that gives you the travel experiences you seek, and we still provide you with everything we do for custom trips.

Travel By Design

A collaborative process, we start with a blank canvas and work with you to  create your travel masterpiece, we design your vacation based on how you like to paint the world — your styleyour preferences, your travel goals,  your purpose and we color within the lines of your travel budget . 

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